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Further education through sponsorship

Our children attend the town primary school until the final examinations of 7th grade – this is free apart from teaching materials. But to learn a trade or commercial profession in Uganda, students must pass the O-level examination in 11th grade. This is possible at boarding schools, where accommodation, food and tuition must be paid for. Unfortunately, there are no scholarships. We are continuously searching for sponsors who will commit, initially for a year (150 Euros), to support a student and enable them to attend boarding school. Through a penpalship you can additionally let a young person lacking a family and orientation know that someone is taking an interest in their life.

But since the sponsorship fees don’t fully cover the cost of boarding school for a child, anonymous donations are also very important.

The further education programme was conceived in 2005 and has been modified slightly according to the experience gathered since then. The personal sponsorship applies to the secondary school period, four years at most (O-level), and can be cancelled at any time. So far, forty dedicated sponsors have committed to sponsorships – mostly for the entire period of four years. And we are delighted with the result (as of May 2012):
20 students with O-level, among those 2 with A-level (Abitur). Of these, 10 have completed their education at a vocational school and are usually already employed permanently or part time as mechanics, electricians, plumbers or qualified construction workers. Two girls have benefitted from a home economics and medical education, respectively. Four students are still in vocational training.

Finding a job in a country with 40% unemployment is an incredible chance for these young people. The things we have been able to achieve show how meaningful your help is. The children being supported by our organisation would not even have been able to attend primary school without this support… Currently we have 16 students attending boarding school. Next year, 10 will most likely be added to that number. And hopefully, many more children will have this chance in the years to come.

Please help these young people by assuming a sponsorship or spreading the word.

If you are interested, or for more information, please contact:

Evelyn Görler
Beethovenstraße 28/1, 69245 Bammental
Telefon: 06223/5361


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