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The Project

The Project

1997 The work of our organisation „Ugandahilfe Kagadi e.V.“ began in 1997 with the aim of battling child poverty. We wanted to enable children in Kagadi – a young town in western Uganda – to attend school and learn a vocation, among other things. That same year we began to plan the construction of a hostel for schoolchildren. Because children have a right to certain accommodation, education, health and upbringing!

2000 The first 10 children moved into the hostel in January 2000. Our association gives them the chance to attend school from a secure environment. Because of this, the hostel was built in the vicinity of the town’s school.
2001 In June, the hostel was ceremoniously inaugurated by the bishop. The local priest represents the hostel.
2004 Every year, more children find a home in the hostel. In 2004, there are already 20 children. Through agriculture and livestock, the hostel is able to contribute to its own maintenance. With knowledge of farm work and innovative projects we want to open up new perspectives for the children beyond school.
2009 The hostel has grown to include a dormitory for 40 children, a building which serves as a mess hall and common room, two water tanks and a toilet house. Furthermore there are stables for the animals and a so-called workshop for the storage of agricultural tools and vocational projects.
2011 Successful development aid is only possible in cooperation with the local population and local institutions. Our project is partnered by the catholic parish of St. Mary’s, which is now providing a home and family environment to 64 boys and girls between 7 and 14 years of age. This was made possible by the construction of a new dormitory building in 2011, amongst other things. In direct contact with our partners in Uganda, we manage to provide unbureaucratic, problem-oriented aid. Additionally, the project has created a number of contracts and jobs, so that not only the children but also the region as a while profits from our involvement.
2012 Our commitment over the years has resulted in the hostel taking firm root in Kagadi. For the benefit of our children, we are obligated to continue being actively engaged in this project. This also includes informing people outside of Uganda about the situation in the country and the work we are doing. To keep the contact alive, friends and supporters of the project regularly visit Kagadi, where they are always welcomed with great gratitude by the children.
The Hostel:
(v.l.: dormitories, sanitary facilities, watertanks, dining-hall, kitchen, Hühnerstall)


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